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Connexion, Capitol Broadband, and why Glen Lang Sucks

So, since Connexion was busted up the crooks that had run it into the ground have lost the ability to loot Reedy Creek Partners/Jim Goodnight/Capital Bank to fund their million dollar homes (LANG + AHMED).

What to do...what to do....

So the ChiMo's wife is now a cleaning lady with a website.

How far the crooks have fallen.

So Clubber Lang is now part owner of a roadside vegetable stand. Nice.

I wonder how much of this was funded by the loot swindled from Capital Bank, Unicredit, and Bank of America?

The customers, creditors, and employees of Connexion Technologies all got screwed, but somehow it seems the thieves at the top managed to walk away with bags of loot.

Funny how that works.

The Brookgreen Speedway.

Since coming home from the middle east, 19 APR 2013, I've had 3 neighbors here in Scottish Hills make the same comment, very similar, almost identical verbage:

"This neighborhood is really starting to fall apart. We're looking at selling and going elsewhere."

Funny how unresponsive politicians and unaccountable municipal employees can combine to accelerate bad trends.

Question: How did Gene M get my email address?


Originally Posted by dhyatt View Post
Catherine Evangelista is now 'promising' ("not a threat, it's a promise") legal action against yours truly if this thread remains on CP. Well Catherine, when a judge orders me to delete the posts, I will. Until then, count your blessings that I don't plaster your emails here.

I hope you enjoyed getting sued! I'm sure Catherine body slammed you in court and tap danced on your freaking head. I bet she won a lot of money too.

How'd it all play out? ;)

…for services rendered…

This one is far from over.

Has anyone at SAS ever told Harold Weinbrecht what he was to do or not do while acting as Mayor of Cary? Has his job been threatened or been overly rewarded because he is Mayor?

Would Harold and Gayle loose their jobs if Cary Parkway were to be completed?

davis and high house

But jobs. That is one funny typo right there.

forum browser for android


Have you used it yet?


Back and Reloaded.

So, yes, johnb is back from his taxpayer funded vacation to the middle east.

I've smoked quite a few cigars (yes that includes real Cubans) in bomb shelters, on T-wall barriers, and staring out over the berm on the perimeter of the base at the desert. The place was awful and it was 147 degrees there kids. On the plus side, the sand was NOT exploding, that's always good in that part of the world.

What did it look like? On, plug in "dead camel Kuwait". Yeah, it looked like that. Oh, and it looked like this:


Now it is time to get back to work attempting to resurrect CaryPolitics and repair the damage inflicted upon it by He Who Should Have Known Better.

The last thing Cary needs is to have city politics manipulated and corrupted by fanatics hiding behind an organization that selects and screens candidates for public office with no public input. Yes that does mean Davis and High House . org.
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Overseas ballots

So we're in that time of year when Joe's overseas have to request their absentee ballots.

Remember, the military votes overwhelmingly Republican. This is going to be a tight election in NC as the Moron Demographic is significant. They'll be lining up in droves to vote for the guy that turned a recession into a depression and is set to double down on failure.

Well, the Donkeys know that if they get rid of military ballots they might be able to flip a few races here and there.

So far none of us have received our NC absentee ballots and I've heard a Voting Officer in another NC unit complaining about the process of getting ballots from the state. My Federal ballot request post card went out several weeks ago.

This might be a replay of Florida 2000, instead of waiting for (Algor's) attorneys to get their hands on the ballots and mar them the Donkeys may just make sure there is no ballot to have to destroy.

We'll see.

What do you remember about 9/11?

Here it is, the eleventh anniversary of 9/11 and I am in the middle east, mobilized/deployed/crusty with sand.

My thoughts on 9/11 have evolved to the point where now I resent that we ever committed ourselves to military action against al Qaeda.

6,000 lives and trillions of dollars gone forever, for what?

The very people at ground zero, scratch that, all of New York State, are not now and never were in favor of a war response to these events. In 2004 they voted for a PoS who wore medals he did not earn and lied about his own service and that of US troops in the aggregate in Vietnam. Kerry was against the war before he was for it or was that reversed? He flopped and flipped with such frequency he could have had a career as a sex toy.

Ultimately, the Democrats used opposition to the war as a political litmus test/stunt. Where Wendell Wilkie refused to criticize FDR over the conduct of WW2, Kerry and the Donkeys did nothing but attack and denigrate George W. Bush over the war. So much for the dictate that politics stops as the shoreline.

Ultimately, the military fought a war on behalf of a place, NY, whose people did not support the war. That lack of support should have short circuited any and all military responses to 9/11. We know better now.

The anti-war protestors had a lot of slogans, they stopped protesting once O'Bama won the election in 2008 even though the wars roll on. "No war for oil", that was genius, in a world where genius means ignorant, puerile, and incapable of maturation. We should have been chanting "No war for New York". It is wrong to suggest or ask Red State soldiers to go to war on behalf of Blue States. 9/11 should have been handled as the Democrats wanted to handle it, as Clinton handled the first WTC bombing, as a police matter. Never again. Not another war for NY. The NYPD and the NYNG should have been the ones to manage the response. They could have had anyone they arrested charged and tried in a civilian court right there in NYC, it's what they wanted all along.


I'm not saying I am in the middle east in the Army, but *if* I were I'd be wondering why the anti-war nuts stopped screaming "no blood for oil" and other asinine slogans the minute Bush left office.

Not any protests against any of O'Bama's wars...but then, there aren't any wars going on, there is a Donkey in the White House.

Like most all leftists, their principles are tied solely the their partisan affiliation.