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Not sure if just Summer and kids out of school or what but almost every road in Cary has about twice as much traffic on it as I'm used to seeing :sad10:

Connexion, Capitol Broadband, and why Glen Lang Sucks

So, since Connexion was busted up the crooks that had run it into the ground have lost the ability to loot Reedy Creek Partners/Jim Goodnight/Capital Bank to fund their million dollar homes (LANG + AHMED).

What to do...what to do....

So the ChiMo's wife is now a cleaning lady with a website.

How far the crooks have fallen.

So Clubber Lang is now part owner of a roadside vegetable stand. Nice.

I wonder how much of this was funded by the loot swindled from Capital Bank, Unicredit, and Bank of America?

The customers, creditors, and employees of Connexion Technologies all got screwed, but somehow it seems the thieves at the top managed to walk away with bags of loot.

Funny how that works.

The Brookgreen Speedway.

Since coming home from the middle east, 19 APR 2013, I've had 3 neighbors here in Scottish Hills make the same comment, very similar, almost identical verbage:

"This neighborhood is really starting to fall apart. We're looking at selling and going elsewhere."

Funny how unresponsive politicians and unaccountable municipal employees can combine to accelerate bad trends.

…for services rendered…

This one is far from over.

Has anyone at SAS ever told Harold Weinbrecht what he was to do or not do while acting as Mayor of Cary? Has his job been threatened or been overly rewarded because he is Mayor?

Would Harold and Gayle loose their jobs if Cary Parkway were to be completed?

Back and Reloaded.

So, yes, johnb is back from his taxpayer funded vacation to the middle east.

I've smoked quite a few cigars (yes that includes real Cubans) in bomb shelters, on T-wall barriers, and staring out over the berm on the perimeter of the base at the desert. The place was awful and it was 147 degrees there kids. On the plus side, the sand was NOT exploding, that's always good in that part of the world.

What did it look like? On, plug in "dead camel Kuwait". Yeah, it looked like that. Oh, and it looked like this:


Now it is time to get back to work attempting to resurrect CaryPolitics and repair the damage inflicted upon it by He Who Should Have Known Better.

The last thing Cary needs is to have city politics manipulated and corrupted by fanatics hiding behind an organization that selects and screens candidates for public office with no public input. Yes that does mean Davis and High House . org.
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Sign, sign everywhere a sign except at Carpenter Farm Supply

7 years later, the signs fall prey to their own karmic wave.


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As inidicated in my letter to the Cary News , I think it's a shame that the Carpenter Farm Supply sign is to be torn down. Although the sign is relatively modern and lacking any formal historic designation, some of us feel it contributes to the character of the Carpenter Historic District (a pole sign of some form has stood at this location for about as long as the store has been there...90 years or so).

In fact, my front yard has this:

It's especially galling that at the same time Staff is sending out letters to private business owners to tear down their pole signs or incur fines, government is putting up its own pole signs.

Some have compared the taxpayer-financed signs to Hampton Inn signs. That being the case, don't be surprised if you see something like this on the new pole signs from your friends in Cary government:

:evil: :P :evil: :P

Connexion, Capitol Broadband and why Glen Lang Sucks


To date, this thread has been viewed over 16,000 times.This is an indication of what a compelling story, an audience (you), an obvious good guy (me), and a verifiable evil PoS (Glen Lang) can produce when they intersect.

To put this in perspective: there aren't 16,000 who actually bother to read the print version of the local newspaper (the News and Observer) here in Raleigh.

Cary Politics was moribund, (even having been offline for 6 months or so) until I returned after an extended absence and used this platform to expose this issue.

What does this mean?

  1. The first and most obvious answer: Lang is a degenerate criminal, of course.
  2. A compelling story based upon facts where the persons involved/impacted are allowed & encouraged to participate as far as they feel comfortable will draw more participants and readers. Newspapers fail as they are nothing but a politically radical class, journalists, engaged in agit/prop masquerading as "news". This medium is, effectively, an end run around the traditional forms of media censorship. The legacy print media ignores stories they don't understand or stories that run counter to their political beliefs. This bleeds into #3......
  3. The alleged main stream media is loathe to deal with stories they cannot understand. The manipulation of DirecTV stock by fraudulent inflation of the number of alleged customers is a story that is simply too complex for most business page writers to deal with, they cannot understand it.
  4. I think most interesting of all is how many Connexion employees (past and current) have reached out to me via email and phone to reveal most of the significant data shown in this thread. There is a fairly extensive lack of trust of traditional reporters and their medium. Basically, these Connexion employees understand points 1, 2, and 3 above. Ergo, they won't contact or communicate with a legacy media reporter.

The followup story to this one is the coup d' etat of municipal government in Cary by Jim Goodnight. The richest man in the state owns Cary city government. He purchased three Mayors, numerous city council members, a city manager, and many others. Lang was just one of Jim Goodnight's assets, one of his puppets. There are more and these puppets have derailed road construction projects on behalf of Goodnight, they've caused the city to spend tens of millions on "art" projects for the benefit of the Whine and Cheese Crowd, and they have destroyed the transparency, legitimacy, and integrity of municipal government in Cary.

By the way, a cup of coffee, on me at Starbucks to whoever shoots me an email first identifying Connexion Technologies resident drug dealer. (I already know the answer and soon the CPD will as well.)

These are Glen Lang’s fault

Our former Thug-n-Chief, Clubber Lang bullied and threatened private property owners to do his bidding while Mayor. In this case, he cause the city to run afoul of state law. We are still paying the legal bills for his thuggish and criminal conduct while in office.

"Then-mayor Glen Lang told the developers that the project wouldn’t proceed unless it provided for schools, according to the plaintiffs."

Lang's conduct is not "old news", we the taxpayers are STILL being sued because of the actions of this boorish clown and his lackeys. The current Mayor has long been a devotee of the Clubber Lang vision of absolute government control over everything everybody is doing. He is still fighting to keep the illegal sign ordinance, the money he and Clubber illegally extorted from these builders, and other artifacts of Clubbers despicable tenure as Mayor.

Judge Krisin Ruth resigns

Maybe she is innocent and her statements are honest. If so, she is foolish, otherwise she is corrupt.

This is why we should not tolerate appointed judges folks.

Barbara Owes an Apology

"This kind of thing happens in politics. If you dish it out, you better be able to take it." -- Jennifer Robinson

Yes, yes it does Jennifer. While the quote was about the hyped "scandal" of, it is a good quote. Much like a former ex-Mayor of Cary who ran wild like a lunatic through our municipal government and behaved pretty much like a cancer on our body politic. Now, he is again in trouble for his awful judgement and decision making skills. Glen bullied a lot of people as Mayor and as CEO. Hopefully he is prepared to man up and deal with his failings honestly this time, he sure as hell didn't do that last time.