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Cary’s Herbfest

Herbfest Opens Downtown Performers Series
May 3, 2012

Herbfest Opens Downtown Performers Series


Quirkly little thing, why wasn't this scheduled for April 20th? It would be a natural. No pun intended.

CaryTV- please stop the madness

So here I sit watching CaryTV, the biennial survey episode.

Don, Jennifer, don't quit your day jobs. 10 minutes into it I wanted to shove my coffee mug through my skull.

First, who took this survey? The city has no role in managing the school system and people that cited that as a concern for the city should have their survey responses thrown out.

Second, that only 21% of people in Cary know to NOT put cooking oil down the drain is disappointing. Especially after Jennifer cited the high rate of college graduates in the overall city population.

Third, no more jokes about nuclear waste. For the love of God, please no more.

Fourth, that NCDOT drive green thing, was pure awful. Just seeing it makes me want to pour used motor oil down a storm drain.

Fifth, May 28th is NOT to "remember the women and men that protect America". It is a public, civil memorial service in rememberance of the men who died in combat. It is not "Veterans Day" that is in November. Memorial Day should be somber. It should not be a party. It is not for me (a living soldier) or any living veteran nor any veteran who died of non-combat causes. This may sound minor, but it is shocking how wide the disconnect between the military and the civilian population in this country has gotten. There once was a time when almost every healthy man was veteran, not so anymore.

Question: Does the Law Matter in Cary?

Did we ever get around to answering the **** question?

Updation to an old subject

The lament of reasonable people:

‎"What do we want?"
"Reasonable change!"

"When do we want it?"
"In due course!"

The most entertaining and enlightening web page in Wake County


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Originally Posted by johnb View Post Hyatt, it is not

It is instead this:

Why? Well here you see the mug shots of drunks, drug addicts, deadbeat dads, thieves, fugitives from justice, child molestors, and the like.

You may not want to view it after you see someone you know on there.

I like how clicking the xml file gives you a nice quick view of all the people that couldn't possibly live in Cary ;)

Unless of course your name is Richard Ahmed or, soon, hopefully, Glen Lang!

Cary News

I have come to a conclusion that the only thing that retains less value than a McClatchey owned newspaper is a McClatchey owned reporter. So if the only value of the Raleigh NandO or the Cary News is to use as weed block, by definition their reporters are worth functionally less than that.

What value are they?