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The latest news from Cary Politics

New Council Takes Shape

Adcock Gets #2 Nod

District ‘D’ Rep Well Suited for Mayor Pro-Tem Role

(Cary, NC) – Recently re-elected District ‘D’ Councilwoman Gale Adcock has been voted in as Cary’s new Mayor Pro-Tem, an important position on a part-time council filled mostly with citizens that have other full-time jobs.  Mayor Weinbrecht needs and should now have a reliable back up for those situations when he can’t be in two places at once.  Adcock replaces at-large member Julie Robison as pro-tem after Ms. Robison chose to step aside.  Ms. Robison struggled at times to be an effective #2 for the Mayor and when coupled with personal issues she’s had to deal with, felt it was time to let someone new step in and help out.  It’s unclear to CP how Ms. Adcock will balance her duties as Director of the SAS Health Care Center at Cary’s SAS Campus with those required of the pro-tem slot but we know Ms. Adock will accord herself professionally and represent the town well when those duties arise.

Pro-Tem Fight Looms Large

*** The Winners ***

Harold Weinbrecht  -  Lori Bush  -  Don Frantz  -  Gale Adcock

Mayor pro-tem likely to be a battle

Cary, NC – The race is over and the hardest issues are yet to come.  One of the first orders of business will be to select a new mayor pro-tem and it won’t (or at least shouldn’t) be a pretty fight.  The current may pro-tem Julie Robison has struggled at times to effectively backup the mayor and CP doesn’t see where that situtation is likely to improve.  A new pro-tem is needed and needed badly.  Will the rejuvenated CTC realize this and take appropriate action or will they immediately fall into an operational mode as Harold and his friends?  Let’s hope a leader emerges.

Etheridge out

Local Tea Party Fav Renee Elmers

Defeats Codgy Etheridge

Voter Fraud

Voter Fraud

Gift Cards & Food for Votes

Reid Bent on Stealing Election?

What Harry Reid is doing is clearly illegal. Nevada law (NRS 293.700) provides that, “A person who bribes, offers to bribe, or use and other corrupt means, directly or indirectly, to influence any elector in giving his or her vote or to deter the elector from giving it is guilty of a category D felony and shall be punished as provided in NRS 193.130.”

We’ve seen evidence of this sort of voter ‘enticement’ by groups such as ACORN – where, in 2008, two ACORN workers in Milwaukee were accused of offering pre-paid gasoline cards or restaurant gift cards to people in exchange for registration.

…and here’s a nice story from one of the big three in election fraud…


Bush Welcomes Home Troops

A REAL American President

George W. Bush

Welcomes Home the Troops


Worth a Thousand Words

Human Migration – The Wake County Story

Yes folks, they are coming from everywhere

Cary, NC – We know the region is growing and most of us think that it is a good thing.  Living in a region that people want to get into is so much better than living in a place people can’t wait to leave.  Numbers do a poor job of conferring the mass migration to Wake Co, NC.  Forbes magazine has the pictures worth a thousand words…

SCOTUS Strikes Down Campaign Limits

News Alert

The Supreme Court has ruled that corporations are once again free to spend directly in support or opposition of Presidential and Congressional campaigns though they still may not contribute to candidates directly.  Parts of the McCain – Feingold bill that barred ads within 60 days of an election have also been struck down.  Details to follow.

When government seeks to use its full power, including the criminal law, to command where a person may get his or her information or what distrusted source he or she may not hear, it uses censorship to control thought [Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote for the majority].  “This is unlawful. The First Amendment confirms the freedom to think for ourselves.”

Batchelor Press Release

Todd Batchelor candidate for North Carolina House District 41 received more good news regarding his campaign. Todd’s wave of 17 endorsements from elected and former elected officials within Wake County and across the state represents strong support in a potential Republican primary and ensures the Democrats will have a difficult time dealing with his candidacy.

The immediate past North Carolina Republican Party Chairman Linda Daves advised that “Todd Batchelor is a highly ethical and conservative gentleman who will represent District 41 with excellence.” In addition to the previous endorsements of two former North Carolina Republican Party Chairmen and Senator Neal Hunt, Batchelor has garnered the support of seven North Carolina State House Members including George Cleveland, Laura Wiley, Julia Howard, and Leo Daughtry. Batchelor’s grassroots campaign also includes the endorsements of Apex Councilmen Gene Schulze and Mike Jones.

Batchelor commented that “the staunch support of these fine leaders means a great deal. They are with me in this fight to ensure people can keep more of what they earn, that businesses are provided an economic environment for job creation, and that the government spends less money and does so wisely.”

Additionally, Todd Batchelor made clear his experience as the Finance Director of the North Carolina Republican Party for the last three years is proving to be an enormous fundraising advantage against any potential primary opponent and he looks forward to defeating the Democrat in November.

Paid for by the Batchelor for NC House Committee, Debbie Capps – Treasurer Contact: Todd Batchelor, (919) 818-4370, dust-up

DomainsByProxy Coughs Up My Name

The fallout is harsh but no surprises

The story is here

(I was asked to remove the news article itself and instead point to it)

davisandhighhouse story


By the end of the day, Hyatt, who is also editor of, had stepped down from the board of the center. The group creates voter guides and encourages "good government" practices such as responsible public financing.

Damon Circosta, the group’s executive director, said late Tuesday that he did not have enough information on the state investigation to comment.

State elections officials were reluctant to divulge Hyatt’s name because the investigation, though finished, is still under review.

No laws for the web

Adam Ragan, a compliance specialist with the elections board, confirmed that Hyatt is the subject of the investigation but said it was still unclear whether any election laws were broken.

The legislature has made no laws regulating campaign Web sites, Ragan said, so the elections board would have no jurisdiction over the content of any site. "There’s probably not a lot we will do," Ragan said.

Maxwell, who filed the complaint, hopes this case will shed light on this electronic form of political gamesmanship.

"It hurt Lori Bush a lot," she said Tuesday. "And is this going to be the future of campaigns? That you can hide and do dirty campaigning? It definitely needs to be changed."

The cyber scuffle showed how scrappy Cary’s election season became. Robinson came just shy of beating Bush outright in the Oct. 6 general election, claiming 49.97 percent of the vote.

Maxwell’s group was formed to protest development at Davis Drive and High House Road and takes a slow-growth stance. It started backing candidates and is credited with organizing voters to help Cary Mayor Harold Weinbrecht unseat former Mayor Ernie McAlister in 2007.

Every vote important

Hyatt’s fake Web site closely resembles the home page of the site but claimed its mission was to "preserve Cary as one of the best places to live, with the lowest tax rate of any town in the Southeast – by exposing the NIMBYs for what they are." NIMBY is an acronym for "not in my backyard."

He said he created because he didn’t want a small group of people to swing an election.

"They were getting a lot of press as a big grassroots organization that was driving politics in western Cary, and that was simply not true," he said. "A couple dozen people … basically just didn’t want this development in their neck of the woods.

"The Web site itself, I don’t consider unethical," he said. "Sending out the e-mail was probably a little unethical. … But I did it anyway. …

"I’m not happy that I got caught. On the other hand, I think it does serve to point out some interesting holes in the system. There’s really no control at all over social networking, viral e-mails, there’s little that can be done, and I think they are changing the face of politics."

Bush said she was surprised to learn Hyatt was behind the site.

"He is the public face of, which has a reputation of being a great place to have meaningful conversation about the town," she said. "I’m disappointed."

Robinson, the winner, said she didn’t visit Hyatt’s site until several weeks after the election.

"I thought it was humorous, and I didn’t think it influenced the election," Robinson said.

Robinson is a critic of, which she says often misleads voters with inaccurate information on its Web site.

"There are people at Davis and High House who are upset they got one-upped," she said.

"This kind of thing happens in politics. If you dish it out, you better be able to take it," Robinson said. or 919-460-2612