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NHCA Drops Lawsuit Against WWP

New Hill Community Association and

Western Wake Partners Settle Lawsuit

Cary, NC -  The long running and intense battle wage by New Hill residents against plans for a large waste water treatment facility in the middle of their community has come to an end.  NHCA will issue a press release later today saying they have agreed to drop their lawsuit, cease protests, and remove yard signs critical of the plants location.  Cary & Apex officials have taken heat for years over the siting of the plant and with NHCA’s legal options essentially exhausted, community leaders felt it was time to settle and try to make the best of a very difficult situation.  In exchange for ceasing legal action, New Hill will receive $500,000 towards a community center and approximately three dozen home nearest the plant will be connected to water and sewer.

Complete details can be found at

Adock solicits abortion coverage support

Adcock Solicits Support for Abortion Coverage
Asks Planned Parenthood For Help

Councilwoman Gale Adcock is soliciting citizens to speak out in favor of abortion coverage for Cary employees.  This is supremely distasteful and unethical behavior for any Cary Town Council representative.

Received via email:

Good Morning Friends,

I just got a call from Cary City Councilwoman, Gale Adcock.  The Town of Cary is voting on the budget tonight and they believe that antis will be in attendance to speak out against abortion coverage for employees. 

Gale would like us to recruit 10 Cary residents to attend the meeting tonight at 6:30 pm.  The public speak out will begin at 6:40 pm.  She needs folks to only talk and speak out if others do speak against coverage.  In other words, our folks don’t say a word if we don’t have to.

She also wants us to stay strictly to our talking points:

  • Employees deserve comprehensive health coverage and abortion care is part of that. 
  • Elected officials should not be cherry picking which medical practices are covered for their employees but should stick to approving a comprehensive plan.

Basically, she wants us to stick to the higher ground, bigger picture and not whether or not abortion is a moral issue.


Melissa Reed
VP of Public Policy

Planned Parenthood Health Systems, Inc.
Mobile:  919-xxx-xxxx

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Public Hearing on WWRWMF

Urgent Reminder

Attention: Open House / Public Hearing     April 14, 2009


Draft Enviornmental Impact Statement

Western Wake Regional Wastewater Management Facilities (sewage plant in New Hill)

Open House: 3:00 – 6:00 PM 3rd Floor Training Room, Apex Town Hall

     Reps from various agencies will be on hand to answer questions.

     Comment cards will be available.

Public Hearing: 6:00 PM Council Chambers, Apex Town Hall

     There will be a brief presentation at the beginning of the hearing. After which the public is invited to provide oral comments.

Written comments will be accepted until April 28, 2009.

They can be submitted at the Open House, Public Hearing or be sent to:

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Wilmington District
Regulatory Division
Attn: File Number 2005-20159
69 Darlington Avenue
Wilmington, NC 28403

Comments can also be submitted by email to

BREAKING NEWS! Coleman to Retire, Join SAS

As reported in the following Town of Cary PSA and first posted by d4vendel in the carypolitics forums, long-time Cary Town Manager Bill Coleman has announced his retirement, effective October 17.

It’s hard to imagine Cary without Bill at the helm (indeed, Bill’s been managing the Town as long as I’ve been here, and I’ll bet that’s true for many people).

Join in the discussion of this topic on the Local Issues forum or comment here.

In the meantime undoubtedly wishes Bill the very best and commends his decades of public service.

—–Town of Cary PSA:



August 15, 2008



CARY, NC – After more than 30 years in local government, Cary Town Manager Bill Coleman, 57, has decided to retire from public service and join the local government group of SAS, where he will use his vast knowledge of governments’ inner-workings to help the company devise and implement software solutions for governmental operations. His last day at Cary Town Hall will be October 17, 2008.

"I appreciate very much the opportunity I have had to work for the elected officials and citizens of the Town of Cary; Cary is a great place to live, work and raise a family," said Coleman. "The Town has been blessed with outstanding leadership, and I am confident that the Mayor and Council, along with the staff, will continue to move Cary forward as the premier community in the country."

Regarding Coleman’s departure, Cary Mayor Harold Weinbrecht said that "it is thanks in very large measure to Bill’s hard work, leadership, ideas, and professionalism that Cary became and is today one of the greatest communities in the nation. I assure the people of Cary that we have every intention of maintaining the excellent course and direction Bill has set for our Town government. While Bill will be sorely missed, we are very happy that his next career will keep him here in Cary, and we wish him the very best."

A native of Red Springs, NC, Coleman served as the Chatham County Manager as well as the Town Manager for Pittsboro and Southern Pines, NC. He came to Cary in 1988 as the Assistant Town Manager and has served as Cary’s CEO since 1994. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Wake Forest University and a Master of Public Affairs from North Carolina State University. He is also a graduate of the Municipal and County Administration Course from the School of Government at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, and he has received several awards for his work in community service, including being named the Citizen of the Year by the Cary Chamber of Commerce and Outstanding Administrative Alumnus from NC State.

Between now and Coleman’s leaving in October, the Cary Town Council will develop plans for filling the manager position vacancy.



Bill Coleman, Town Manager, (919) 469-4002

Ben Shivar, Assistant Town Manager, (919) 469-4003

Susan Moran, Public Information Officer, (919) 460-4951

Not Even Close

Supreme Court Says Yes to Voter ID

The United States Supreme Court today upheld an Indiana law requiring photo identification in order to vote.  It’s about time.  The 6-3 ruling (which is very lopsided for a SCOTUS rulling) will now likely allow similar laws in 20 other states to go unchallenged because Indiana’s is among the most strict in the nation.  Indiana’s law does allow someone with ID to cast a provisional ballot and the presumption is that if contest were close enough, the provisional ballots would counted and id of the voter verified.  Lets hope North Carolina quickly puts similar legislation into effect.  It’s far more important to eliminate vote fraud than it is to pursue voting experiments like Instant Run-Off.  

Newsflash 5

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Newsflash 4

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