Connexion & Chickens – Nothing to Crow About

What do a former Cary Mayor and six backyard chickens have in common?

They both leave crap all over the place.

Assuming you’ve been able to tear yourself away from drooling over the ever endearing Dear Leader and his ultimately vain quest for re-election, you may have noticed that Cary – and indeed all of North Carolina – has quite enough melodrama of its own.  Ignore the clucking sounds of the feel good minority for a moment and you might notice that there is scandal aplenty.

Cary leaders have always done a great job burying bad news and with Chapel Hill libs holding up the left front and Apex conservatives holding up the right front, Cary for the most part sits quietly in the middle – right on top of some the biggest messes in the state.  As we relaunch Cary Politics, take a few minutes (or perhaps a lot more :) ) and read some of the recent information slowly being dredged up, not by local news crews but by Cary’s own John Barbara.

The truth is sometimes painful but it needs to be unearthed and devoured so that in the future we will be more observant and possibly ready to stop the crap before having to work overtime to bury it later.

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