So, the Media, the public employee unions, and the Democratic Party lost their *** last night in Wisconsin.

Even on the exit polls, let me restate that, on the EXIT POLLS - the ones taken after a person votes, the Media managed to over state the Democrats vote count by 7%.

Make no mistake folks, yesterday was a blow out against the Donkeys, the Unions, and the Media.

Romney will win Wisconsin in the fall. The public employee unions are going to be attacked and broken in more states now. We the People will recover our government.


This is hilarious, now the Cherokees are angry.


The South Is Gonna….Be Very, Verry Different?

I believe the correct conclusion you were reaching for, but failed to nail, is that the South was correct about O'bama before it became fashionable to be correct.

The nation elected an inexperienced idiot, one who is at least unconcerned with if not downright hostile to the idea of American Exceptionalism. He has a burning hatred for the people, the institutions, and the heritage of this nation.

He will suffer a devastating blow out in the fall elections.

Chris Matthews: Professional Prostijournalist

I need a volunteer who is exceptionally good as a graphic artist. I have a concept for a Chris Matthews poster that I would like to discuss. My idea is philosophically consistent with Matthew's conduct and would show him to be what he is: O'bama's Lewinsky.

email me.....jbarbara@nc.rr.com

These are Glen Lang’s fault

Our former Thug-n-Chief, Clubber Lang bullied and threatened private property owners to do his bidding while Mayor. In this case, he cause the city to run afoul of state law. We are still paying the legal bills for his thuggish and criminal conduct while in office.


"Then-mayor Glen Lang told the developers that the project wouldn’t proceed unless it provided for schools, according to the plaintiffs."

Lang's conduct is not "old news", we the taxpayers are STILL being sued because of the actions of this boorish clown and his lackeys. The current Mayor has long been a devotee of the Clubber Lang vision of absolute government control over everything everybody is doing. He is still fighting to keep the illegal sign ordinance, the money he and Clubber illegally extorted from these builders, and other artifacts of Clubbers despicable tenure as Mayor.

Judge Krisin Ruth resigns

Maybe she is innocent and her statements are honest. If so, she is foolish, otherwise she is corrupt.


This is why we should not tolerate appointed judges folks.

Linda Coleman, anti- bipartisan


The Democratic race for lieutenant governor started late, opened by incumbent Walter Dalton’s bid to replace Gov. Bev Perdue, who decided not to run again at the 11th hour.
Coleman’s campaign raised limited campaign cash and used a mostly volunteer staff but received a huge boost from the state employees association and an affiliated union, which spent $300,000 to buy yard signs, television advertising and polling.

“It’s been a very short sprint for all of us in this Democratic campaign because of the short time we had ... to run a campaign that generally takes a year,” said Coleman, a former state lawmaker from Knightdale.

Mansfield, a freshman lawmaker who waged a campaign against politics as usual, raised concerns about the special interest spending, suggesting Coleman “outsourced” her campaign. He raised $231,000, including a $70,000 personal loan, but failed to gain traction in the polls.

Coleman attacked him early, questioning his Democratic allegiances by noting a long-ago small contribution to Republican Elizabeth Dole and his vote with the Republican Senate majority to limit damages in some medical malpractice lawsuits.

Carrboro voter Martrina Marrow said she didn’t know much about races further down the ballot. But she knew her pick: “I heard Linda Coleman speak. I knew that I wanted her.”


So Linda is functionally a tool for the SEIU/AFSCME and the NC State Employees Association. One that is intolerant of Democrats voting with Republicans on bipartisan legislation.

Okay, this individual is not someone who would ever "work with" or compromise or otherwise pretend that people that disagree with her could do so for honorable reasons. No, each of the two parties is becoming more intolerant of working with the members of the other party. One party is blunt and out in the open about that, the GOOP'ers, the other party is no different, except they are wiling to lie about how intolerant of cooperating with the other party they really are.

2012 primary election tomorrow

So the Donkeys nominated a fictional character to run for Governor? Whatever happens it can never be as painful as having Guv'nur Bev Crackcorn in office. Listen to her long enough and you'll willingly push your coffee mug through your own skull.

On the positive side, we are rid of Bobby Etheridge, again. On an even more positive note, Brad Miller can now spend all his free time authoring moonbat inspired conspiracy theories involving the Koch brothers and Art Pope over at the Daily Kos.

Making yesterday even better was the fact that Gurley and Gardner both lost although the ever regrettable Richard Morgan found a way to claw back into public office. Tedesco and Goldman both won and can now walk away from that gaggle of political extremists and lunatics on the WCPSS BoE.

There is a wild ride to November!

Barbara Owes an Apology

"This kind of thing happens in politics. If you dish it out, you better be able to take it." -- Jennifer Robinson

Yes, yes it does Jennifer. While the quote was about the hyped "scandal" of DavisandHighHouse.com, it is a good quote. Much like a former ex-Mayor of Cary who ran wild like a lunatic through our municipal government and behaved pretty much like a cancer on our body politic. Now, he is again in trouble for his awful judgement and decision making skills. Glen bullied a lot of people as Mayor and as CEO. Hopefully he is prepared to man up and deal with his failings honestly this time, he sure as hell didn't do that last time.

Connexion & Chickens – Nothing to Crow About

What do a former Cary Mayor and six backyard chickens have in common?

They both leave crap all over the place.

Assuming you’ve been able to tear yourself away from drooling over the ever endearing Dear Leader and his ultimately vain quest for re-election, you may have noticed that Cary – and indeed all of North Carolina – has quite enough melodrama of its own.  Ignore the clucking sounds of the feel good minority for a moment and you might notice that there is scandal aplenty.

Cary leaders have always done a great job burying bad news and with Chapel Hill libs holding up the left front and Apex conservatives holding up the right front, Cary for the most part sits quietly in the middle – right on top of some the biggest messes in the state.  As we relaunch Cary Politics, take a few minutes (or perhaps a lot more :) ) and read some of the recent information slowly being dredged up, not by local news crews but by Cary’s own John Barbara.

The truth is sometimes painful but it needs to be unearthed and devoured so that in the future we will be more observant and possibly ready to stop the crap before having to work overtime to bury it later.