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10-10-2004, 02:02 PM
On Nov. 2nd many voters in Russell Capps' NC House district, including some in Cary, will dutifully cast their vote for J Russell Capps because he is a "Republican" and a "conservative". I wonder how many of them know that he is the single individual, not counting the Wake County Commissioners, most reponsible for the current shortage of public school seats.

As President of the powerful Wake County Taxpayers Association he has consistently campaigned against bond issues and tax increases for the schools. No one has spoken more vociferously against virtually every aspect of the public schools management.

Here is his letter to Kenn Gardner, current Chairman of the Board of Wake County Commissioners.
Honorable Kenn Gardner
Wake County Board of Commissioners
5417 Hunter Hallow Dr.
Raleigh, NC 27606

Dear Kenn,

Never have I been more upset with anyone than I am now with Joe Bryan and yourself! Hundreds of us worked hard and spent hard earned funds to promote your candidacy and that of Joe Bryan. We felt you desired our Taxpayers Association backing and welcomed our support. We clearly understood that you were running and campaigning as a conservative who would oppose tax increases.

You have absolutely slapped your supporters in the face Öor worse still ... have spit on those of us who trusted you to do what you indicated you would do. I was especially shocked at how you spoke in defense of spending tax payer dollars for so many non-essential projects (even a tobacco trail ..ugh). I had high hopes in your previous stands which had so eloquently pointed out waste and how to cut spending. It seems now that you have deliberately rubbed salt in our wounds by being the one to speak the most effectively in defense of spending folkís hard tax dollars for projects that should not be funded by the County at all, and then seemingly bragging about why you had determined that such wasteful spending is o.k. For you to do that is a huge insult to all those of us who supported you and worked so hard to get you elected as someone who had campaigned as a conservative who would hold the line on taxes.

We had scores of people at the ''hearing'' and most of them spoke, very effectively, straight from their heart, urging you to keep your word and think about the thousands who are unemployed with NO INCOME AT ALL and who have no way to pay additional taxes. If they lose their homes because of this tax increase we know who is directly to blame.

There is absolutely no reason why the Board could not have waited until you had the meeting to jointly go over the schools budget and the school administrationís plans for grabbing more money at a time when they sit upon a huge reserve fund. It is apparent that you did not even consider, for one minute, an alternative budget Ö nor even think about considering half as much of an increase (2 cents instead of four for instance).

Everybody I have heard from, including legislators from many other counties, have expressed shock at the action of supposed to be conservative republicans. Your action is being described as ''just like the rhino republicans who stole the victory from genuine republicans in the NC House''.

And to think what a very good job you have done in the past in pointing out where the County should save tax dollars. You could have been a most effective speaker for not raising taxes on the poor folks in Wake County if you had put the people before politics.

Already, many folks are talking about starting now to campaign against you and Joe in everyway possible. So donít be surprised at the reaction to your big spending support.

You should be advised that we of the Taxpayers Association pointed out to you at the earlier hearing that, if you increased the property taxes now, we will work to defeat any school bond issue this fall. I am committed to work as hard as I can to expose this effort in which we tried to work with the Board and how we have been ambushed by our ''friends''.

I canít tell you really how upset our folks are. I hope you are at peace with this action. It was quite apparent that the procedure was well planned in advance as to who would make the motion and how all members would vote. It was quite evident also that there was no intention to consider the plight of those hard working folks not on the public dole who, in good faith tried to appeal to the Board, only to have YOU ignore their plight and speak against them, and in doing so, insult all of us who counted on you so much!


J. Russell Capps
To understand Capps, you should realize that he is a major mover of the Christian conservative movement and constantly seeks to blur the line between church and state - particularly as regards the public schools. He is noted for the few bills he introduces in the General Assembly but one of them mandated teaching creationism in public schools .It doesn't take much imagination to believe that Capps would like to see public education dissappear ( a position the WCTA disavows) and be replaced with charter schools and parochial schools.

Capps is likely sees the current problems facing school financing and construction as an opportunity to promote his views.

After being taken to the woodshed once by Capps, (and since made amends) Gardner has just announced he won't raise property taxes and wants to see schools built faster. The exact implications of this policy are not yet clear - but remember Wake is already financed at a lower level than comparable urban school systems. Are we headed to a two-class school system? First class for fast growing surburban areas and second rate for inner cities? Or are we headed to "throw-away" schools that have to be replaced in twenty years?

One possibility is that there will be less spent on renovations and maintenance of Wake's many older inner city schools. Since this aspect of the budget has already been cut and cut again - thats not good news financially. Over tme its cheaper to keep them renovated than let them run-down to the point they must be replaced. But anything is OK when you are running for re-election including deceiving the public. Stay tuned as this situation develops.


10-11-2004, 09:44 AM
Isn't Kenn Gardner supposed to be representing Cary instead of Raliegh? If you look at his votes you might think otherwise. Tell us what you like about Kenn Gardner Stan.

10-11-2004, 01:21 PM
I know if I keep thing about it I will find something to like.

Let's see...he promises not to raise taxes...but he said that last time and lied.

He's for the community colleges and supports the bond...but he they can't add to capacity to 2007 with that money. When they came to him for interim funds they got stiffed.

He voted against human waste lagoons ...but the same developers are back again with a slight modification and he hasnt done a thing.

Wake County is booming...but the government in the fastest growing county in the state has no growth controls - unlike nine other slower growing counties.

He voted for the Air Quality Task Force - but ignores key recommendations that the developers don't like.

He is for education and building schools faster...but the schools he proposes are really just larger versions of trailers with inadequate sports facilities. Maybe the kids can get a pass to the swimming pool atop the luxury hotel he wants to subsidize. (Why doesnt he build the new county offices the same way he proposes to build schools?)

He is for efficiency in government - but while he votes for spending tens of millions for new government offices, renovating older officers and new computer systems - he cuts comparable education budgets to the bone

He's against annexation...but that just raises our taxes in Cary if the freeloaders won't help. And he refuses to do anything about the subsidies to those in the UA, e/g/ the sheriffs patrol.

I've got it...the N&O calls him a "centrist"..that's true compared to Russell Capps and Tony Gurley, our so called "Cary Commissioner" - yes it could be worse.

I'll just have to keep thinking.


10-11-2004, 01:26 PM
Due to the 7-0 vote by the County Commishes to by-pass the citizens of Wake County by allowing "other type" bond financing for the "Raleigh" Convention Center, I would say yes.

However, I am at a loss to describe a word that best describes Kenn Gardner.

a. traitor
b. turncoat
c. conspirator
d. defector
e. immoral
f. villian
g. wicked
h. Quissling

I think I like "Quissling" the best. However, except for maybe JohnB, does anyone know who "Quissling" was?

Wuptdo B-)

10-11-2004, 02:33 PM
Off the top of my head, Vidkun Quisling, the pro-Nazi Norweigian the Germans installed as titular head of the occupation government in Oslo.
Remained in power only because of the massive German troop deployment in Norway including an entire Luftwaffe Army, Luftflotte X if memory serves me correctly.

10-11-2004, 02:53 PM
he's not a turncoat...always helps his friends the developers
he's not a RINO...he does what all good Republicans do
he may have been a defector but is now loyal to capps
Conspirator fits..along with council, gurley, jeffries and bryan
(I can't believe I supported Btyan last time around)

10-11-2004, 04:13 PM
Are all Republicans toadies for the Evil Developers Stan, or just the one's that won't change positions and agree with you?

10-11-2004, 05:11 PM
Stan, based on the last few meetings I have seen of the County Commish's in action, it is time for "Granny" (Betty Lou) to go as well. :roll:

Wuptdo B-)

10-14-2004, 10:48 PM
Is Quisling related to Otto Titzling

Many authors claim that the bra was invented by one Otto Titzling. However, it turns out that this story first appeared in the book Bust Up: The Uplifting Tale of Otto Titzling by Wallace Reyburn (the same guy that wrote the humorous book that describes how Thomas Crapper invented the toilet). The book claims that Titzling invented the bra with the help of his assistant Hans Delving in 1912. They designed the bra for a Swedish athlete named Lois Lung. Titzling then sued a Frenchman named Phillipe de Brassiere for patent infringement in the 1930's. As you can see from these names, the story is probably pure fiction :D