I read in the Cary News today that Mayor McAlister had a State of the Town address. He stated that he would like to hear from us, and so I'd like to comment specifically about this portion of his address:

2005 also showed that we're back to having positive and effective relationships with our neighbors, and together, we're developing and implementing polices and plans that are in every community's best interest:...

I would state for the record that he deceives himself and the community he serves if he believes the Sewage Treatment plant dumped on New Hill does anything positive for my community (New Hill) or our relationship with Cary. If Cary were treated this way by a larger municipality, Cary would be up in arms.

Here is my proclamation for the Mayor of Cary:

WHEREAS the mayor of Cary says he acts in the best interest of "every community's best interest", and

WHEREAS the mayor Cary says he is having "positive and effective relationships" with Cary's neighbors

THEREFORE, the Western Wake Partners led by Cary in order to live up to the standards outlined above should cease and desist with the plan to build a sewage treatment plant in a community which:
  • never asked for the facility

    never agreed to its placement in our downtown

    cannot hook up to the facility unless we are annexed into a town who is imposing this upon us

    had this land condemned by the ones who wish to build "positve relationships"

All of this when:
  • a more suitable site was removed from the table late in the process because of arbitary boundaries (in particular one site on Progress Energy land was eliminated because the acrage was too small when there was nothing around that site for 1/4 mile in every direction)

    suitable sites were never considered

    the selection criteria was never agreed to by the partners (in any written document) and was somewhat arbitrary in weighting.

    the New Hill site was selected because it involved only a single deed for the lot of land rather than considering how many homeowners immediately surrounding this land would be impacted by the facility (and not offered a buy out).

The Mayor of Cary is not being truthful with the citizens he serves when he squashes the rights of those who have no voice in re-electing him. The folks of Cary deserve to know what is REALLY going on behind the nice words the mayor speaks.

Berry Credle
a concerned citizen from New Hill, former resident of Cary