.....as being considered in the NCGA.

1. Public private partnerships...this is a way legislators can avoid the political heat of raising taxes or instituting tolls. Let the private partner, often an internationally owned corp., finance the road in return for toll income. Making the Western Wake Expressway a toll road would really help Cary's traffic problems...wouldn't it???

2. Have the state issue billions of dollars in bonds (and continue to control how the money is spent. Not a winner for Wake)

3. Here is a rational one you can influence. In Charlotte Mecklenburg the city council and the county are negotiating a joint proposal to raise funds foor schools and roads via a PROPERTY TRANSFER TAX. The city council has already voted on a transfer tax as the best solution to their fast growing road construction costs...up ~40% in the last few years.. If they can get their cc's to agree they have a good chance of convincing the NCGA per one leading legislator. Note the county tax rate in Meck. is ~ 50% greater than Wakes (adj for reval)..

I guess its too much to hope our local muni and county officials would ever consider such a daring move. The muni's working together with the county on a tax developers oppose!!!! I must be hallucinating. But Tony Gurley and Joe Bryan have said they support a menu of options including the transfer tax. So there is some cause for hope. Of course what they have said they really want is a sales tax empowerment. Of course you and I could afford added taxes better than the development industry. And why tax developers when they aren't the cause of the traffic. problems?

Ah well, just sit back and enjoy the traffic. And we all can complain that its the NCGA's fault because of their allocation formula.