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Thread: Is there a 21st Century in store for Cary planning?

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    Default Is there a 21st Century in store for Cary traffic planning?

    It seemms that the DMS message boards now have a last century equivalent coming on link, what is being introduced as WINK. Essentially as I understand it, it lets you see what traffic looks like from your computr at home in your own living room. There's only one prolem with that... who drivves anywhere while sitting in their living room? where is the avantgarde town, when it comes to modern uses of the available traffic technology. By any stretch, the systems available now give you GPS routing information IN YOUR CAR, as you drive. Such conditions as road closings, accidents, traffic jams, etc get to the driver as they happen, and the devices give dynaic rerouting information that actually can be used to avoid delays and get you on your way. Anybody know why they seem not to have yet heard of this?

    Here's an EXAMPLE of one of MANY systems now available to consumers, if only the town would support it with the necessary information.

    Quote Originally Posted by Garmin
    The compact, all-in-one GXM 30 delivers XM Satellite weather, traffic and radio to your compatible Garmin unit. With the GXM 30 and a subscription to XM services, you can check the weather, avoid traffic backups or listen to the radio when you travel with your unit.

    Connect Quickly
    Setting up the GXM 30 is fast and easy. Simply position the antenna where it has a clear view of the sky and connect it directly to the USB port on your unit. Then choose the XM subscription that best fits your needs to start receiving XM satellite services.

    Choose Your Subscription
    The type of information GXM 30 provides to your unit depends on your subscription package. Compatible automotive units display traffic, which includes basic weather information, with a subscription to XM NavTraffic™. Automotive units can also play XM Satellite radio. See our XM web page for more information on the XM services available for your unit.
    NOTE that the town needs to providde the information to the system. Car has not taken advantage of this 21st century technology. Nope, instead, you get "REAL-TIME TRAFFIC INFORMATION AROUND THE CLOCK Travelers can view traffic cameras online, access vital traffic info. before leaving home". Wait a minute, if the information is "before leaving home", and it's "real time", does that mean I need to get a steering wheel for my office chair?

    Quote Originally Posted by Laura Cove, Traffic Engineering Manager
    CARY WELCOMES WINK TO THE WEB FOR REAL-TIME TRAFFIC INFORMATION AROUND THE CLOCK Travelers can view traffic cameras online, access vital traffic info. before leaving home or work

    CARY, NC – As part of its continuing commitment to creating innovative technological solutions to meet the needs of citizens, the Town of Cary has launched the “wink-Cary Traffic Info” Web site at that links motorists to real-time traffic conditions in Cary 24 hours a day; the new interactive Web site delivers reliable, timely and accurate information for area motorists. With just a few clicks, users can access a bird’s eye view of traffic cameras at key intersections in Cary and retrieve up-to-the-minute information on incidents that could affect travel in Cary.

    Immediately after clicking on the wink link, users can view traffic information through four easy-to-read formats including: the traffic map, map tools, the navigation bar and the alerts window. With the traffic map, users can access traffic information at a glance on a map of Cary. To further customize their wink experience, users can choose from six map tools to instantly display icons representing incidents, construction, special events, cameras, flows and DMS (dynamic message signs). The navigation bar on the left side of the map enables users to go to the map’s default setting, view current construction projects, incidents and special events or find out what traffic impacts are coming soon. Lastly, the alerts window continuously displays timely traffic alerts at the top of the page to help on-the-go motorists better plan their travels.

    “We are pleased to offer this modern resource for more predictable and reliable commutes in and around Cary,” said Traffic Engineering Manager Lori Cove. “Wink Web is just one of the ways we are creating innovative solutions to help promote a better quality of life for our citizens.” Since September 2006, Cary citizens have been tuning in to the Town’s government access channel -- Cary TV 11 -- Monday through Friday to view live wink traffic cameras during wink weekday rush hour programming blocks: 6-9 a.m. and 4-6 p.m.

    Wink web and wink tv are two components of the Town’s Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS), which includes 23 traffic cameras, 80 miles of fiber optic cable, 150 state-of-the-art traffic signal controllers to help shorten commute times, and 12 dynamic message signs to warn motorists of accidents or congested areas.

    Traffic cameras used to display wink images are monitored by Town staff in the Town’s Traffic Management Center (TMC) at Town Hall via a dozen television monitors. With the flick of a switch, engineers fine-tune signal timing and react to traffic incidents more efficiently. Also, they can maneuver the cameras in a circular motion or zoom into specific areas in order to better identify any traffic issues. A similar center is also located at the Town’s Public Works and Utilities operations center, where crews monitor the system for any maintenance issues, such as burned-out lights or signals on flash.

    The cost to develop wink web is approximately $70,000 of the $12 million total cost of the Advanced Traffic Management System.

    Wink is not an acronym.

    For more on wink, visit Advanced Traffic Management System at . For more about Cary TV, click on the splash page icon at


    PRIMARY CONTACTS: Laura Cove, Traffic Engineering Manager, (919) 462-3937 April Raphiou, Deputy Public Information Officer, (919) 481-5091 Susan Moran, Public Information Officer, (919) 393-4383
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    Default Re: Is there a 21st Century in store for Cary planning?

    Well, this is definitely 21st century:

    Start here:

    Under Search, type in your address or an address.
    Map should pop up.
    On top of Map, click on "Street View"
    Take Mouse to address and look around.

    Pretty cool. My own street was done this fall.
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