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Sincere congratulations to both of you, when can we expect you to run for office?
Would any voter wonder why they should vote for a candidate who, for a variety of reasons, was voted out of her elected party office?

With all due respect, this issue needs to be discussed on here in greater detail. I read Ms. Evangelista's response to the question as to why she was removed from office, and I seem to recall nothing quite so simple as her answers to that question.

If I was a Cary voter and I thought she was going to run for office, I'd think that being removed from a party office might have a bearing on her fitness for running for any other office. Just my opinion.....
Or it might not have any bearing. Without knowing all the facts, it's very difficult to get to the bottom of why such a thing happened. Most of the time these discussions, especially when held in a public forum, simply devolve into a 'he said' / 'she said' situation. I'm quite confident that if/when Ms. Evangelista decides to run for public office there will be ample opportunity for discovery.
Yes - I am sure that there will be ample time for discovery. Or what would be really fun is for the same "theatrics" that used to occur at the Wake Dems Board meetings to break-out in a public meeting carried on local CATV stations for all to watch and enjoy. That is assuming the other members of the elected body aren't too scared to come to a meeting to make quorum.

Best to travel in pairs my friends....