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Thread: January Posting Notes

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    Default January Posting Notes

    January is now over and I managed to keep my vow to myself not to post under this moniker for a month. I took a month off for three reasons....

    First to convince myself I wasn't QUITE addicted.

    Second to demonstrate that - contrary to some assertions made in December - my tone was NOT a major cause of the lack of serious debate here. Mission accomplished - I just read every single post made in the public forums (not including member only) of CP for all of Janary and there were maybe three threads which could even generously be said to have contained any real semblance of intellient debate. And even they quickly degenerated into name calling. And I was nowhere to be found so you can' blame it on me. Which won't stop some of you from doing so anyway, I'm sure. But I challenge any of you that think otherwise to read through ALL of January's postings and try to keep a count of honest involved debate vs. pure feces flinging. The ratio was abysmal.

    Third because I wanted to measure the postings here by poster ideology and I did not want my posts or reactions to my posts distorting the numbers. The major reason I still post here is to try to provide at least a little balance to the overwhelmingly rightwing talking points spewed here just so any lurkers will get at least a semblance of both sides. And I wanted some undiluted numbers to decide if that role was still needed. So to that end I manually hand counted the 337 posts made to (public) forums in January and just for kicks and grins counted them by where the poster generally lies on Right-Left ideological spectrum. To give the righties the benefit of the doubt borderline cases were always moved towards the left (for example vaguely right-leaning Brent was counted as a centrist, Matt was counted as a leftist despite his middle of the road tendencies as a nod to his party affiliation, etc). But pretty much everyone was more than 5 posts this month was an easy call. It should be noted that I was counting by POSTER ideology, not by the POST ideology. A lots of *posts* were non-ideological....but the tone of the place is set by the ideology of the overwhelming number of posters. (Particularly the ideology of the one single poster who made almost exactly 25% of the posts for the month...but that's another topic)

    Here's what I came up with:

    Posts by Those Firmly On the Right
    94 Daryl
    39 hyatt
    33 JoeC
    12 Kirtl
    16 Wuptdo
    7 Belle
    4 d4vendel
    Total 205 posts by 7 posters

    Posts by Those within Spitting Distance Of The Middle
    20 Brent
    15 ICorpse
    2 Kellyc
    Total 37 posts by 3 posters

    Posted by Those Leaning or Falling All The Way Left
    43 Dharma
    33 MattD
    25 CatherineE
    17 Francejamie
    1 Justthethefactmaam
    1 Tanya
    Total 120 posts by 6 poststers
    (only 3 of whom are as far to the left as ALL of the righties are to the right)

    Others - I Don't Have A good Feel For Where They Are On The Spectrum
    3 newhillbilly
    1 Sdavis
    1 Karen
    1 NCCary42long
    1 jdcasey
    1 justthethefactsmaam
    1 billis
    Total 9 posts by 7 posters

    Three use rids made their first (and to date only) posts in January. I couldn't help noticing that one was promptly called a fascist by ......DarylB. Another had a non-political query about foam mattresses responded to with anti-Clinton garbage by .....DarylB. Our own personal rabid snarling guard dog of a welcome wagon. No wonder the community of regular posters here is miniscule and shrinking.

    Those are my observations - now you can get back to calling me names and insulting my mother as usual.
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    Default Re: January Posting Notes

    I was wondering how long it would take for this to be done. Good post, Charlie.

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    Default Re: January Posting Notes

    Welcome back and thanks for saving me the trouble of posting a "Where's chaboard?" thread. It's something I almost did yesterday and again this morning but decided against due to the... well, lets just say it probably would have bumped up the post count

    I think I'll do the same exercise and see where they fall from a conservative's point of view.
    Don Hyatt

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    Default Re: January Posting Notes

    I was missing you, and I'm glad to see you! Nice post.

    Just a thought, Since your numbers do not include yourself as a poster, analysis and any application for the future would be based on a non-normal month. That is, unless you plan to quit posting forever, which I sincerely hope is not the case.

    And I love this statement:
    "(only 3 of whom are as far to the left as ALL of the righties are to the right)"

    I feel the same way. Those on your list are ALL way lefter than half of our righties are right. (Joe C for example). The human psychology of using schema to make debatable generalizations knows no politics . . . . .
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