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    Quote Originally Posted by VVActivist View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Karen View Post
    Seems to me not too much speculation is in order. Catherine states once in her original post that the mayor called to ask her to run. And in two subsquent posts reiterates this stating "He asked me several months ago...", and "He called to ask me...". Seems pretty straight forward to me. Catherine states that the mayor called her and asked her to run for District C. What am I missing here?


    One wonders what the Mayor says - did he call her and ask her to run for District C? Or did he just ask her if she was running - maybe we can find out on "You Tube"?
    According to Catherine at least 5 times in this thread she states the mayor ASKED HER TO RUN. Not asked IF she was running. I understand what you are saying very clearly. I would assume that Catherine would not state this if it were not truthful. She has had ample opprotunity to correct herself if indeed this were NOT the case, ie the mayor ASKING her to run.


    John Shaw posted a question regarding growth in this thread. I would very much like your thoughts on this matter.


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