So a funny thing happened in Scottish Hills. For now, let's skip how it started and get to what is going on now.

There is a pole mounted radar gun with a large led display near the intersection of Brookgreen and Balmoral.

How it got there, well, refer to that first sentence, it's there facing down Brookgreen so drivers coming up from Lake Pine are getting clocked. The speed limit is 15 MPH on that section of road. This morning JohnB was out walking the grandson's mutt, whom I detest with all my being - the dog not the grandson, and I get to see cars going 28/29/39 MPH and so on. Oddly, not ONE single vehicle hit that point going the speed limit- the aforementioned 15 MPH.

This intersection is a T and is a mess because, well, not even the CPD officers cruising down Brookgreen travel at 15 MPH in that zone. It's pretty hard to rationalize enforcing a speed limit LEO's don't comply with.

Facts are funny things. In reference to that first sentence, I sent an email to city hall that has evidently made the rounds. In it I wrote that the average speed on that section of road is 2x - 3x the posted speed limit. I haven't even seen what speeds are getting clocked at night, I may have to get out a lawn chair for this. It's pretty funny to see the front of a car almost hit the asphalt when the driver hits the brakes to slow down...too late!

Even worse are the knuckleheads that don't slow down.

I argued with staff a some years ago about the need for a stop sign on Brookgreen at the intersection with Balmoral for this very reason. This time, looks like someone listened and is bothering to gather statistical data.

Now if the Council representative who allegedly represents Scottish Hills would walk the neighborhood and ask the residents on and around the Brookgreen Speedway what their impression is of traffic on that road we might get some action taken.

Now I wonder if the PD is going to pay attention to the mention I made in my email of a drug dealer on Brookgreen operating out of his house. It's pretty bad when folks in the neighborhood ask me if I know about the dude. Yes, I did, cause I had a conversation about him with one of his former customers. Who knows, we might even get some action taken about the stoner skateboarders who play chicken with automobiles moving down our neighborhood roads.