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Thread: Connexion, Capitol Broadband, and why Glen Lang Sucks

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    Default Re: Why this matters.

    As of today, 5/11/12, Primecast is still claiming to be a DirecTV partner.

    What is your association with DIRECTV?
    Primecast is an authorized DIRECTV Dealer.

    That hasn't been truthful for quite a while now. The Primecast website still has all the now untruthful claims regarding DirecTV posted.

    Shouldn't we take the website down now? The primecast phone number isn't answered anymore either. There are a lot of Primecast customers left hanging with no technical support, no service, and still getting billed.

    Oh, I hear Glen Lang is now claiming all the Connexion / Primecast employees should be THANKING HIM for having had the opportunity to work for him.

    It really is like the bunker scene in Downfall as parodied by Jorge Lucasa.

    On the flip side, lackeys for Harold Weinbrecht are now running interference for him. It's inconvenient that Harold spent a few years at Glen's feet when they were both in elective office here in Cary licking Glen's boots. Some of Harold's friends are still true believers in Clubber Lang and they're not happy the Langster has been exposed or that Harold is impugned by the facts of his behavior. Still mad about the sign ordinance Harold?

    It's comical. Grow up Harold, Dave, et al, put your big girl panties on and own the truth.

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    Default Re: Why this matters.

    Well, that didn't take's the internal info on what is occurring to some Primecast customers. If you are a Primecast victim living in the following list you might want to know what it is that you are not being told. If you're not on this list you might want to know why as well. I would suggest you call this number to find out. Primecast is about to screw over a lot of their customers/victims.

    This is from an email inhouse at Connexion.


    32 additional primecast properties now authorized to call in to call center/tech support for help

    As of this afternoon, the BULK Primecast phone # (888-532-2980) is being provided to residents of 32 additional primecast properties (2,323 data and 752 voice customers). These 32 properties were on the list of properties that we had submitted a request to the court to cut services off to. The services will NOT be discontinued at these properties, as it appears right now, until at least June 7th.

    Until then, we need to work the issues these customers call in to us with. Troubles, Billing, etc. Just like we do for all other customers right now.

    The list of properties:

    Boulder Ridge

    Branch Creek

    Cave Creek

    Chisholm Point

    Countryside Village

    Deerfield Run

    Eagle Crest

    Forest Meadows




    Hawaiian Gardens

    Holly Village

    Hunters Glen

    Indian Creek


    North Point Estates

    Pebble Creek

    Pine Ridge

    Pine Trace

    River Ranch

    Sherman Oaks

    Siesta Bay

    Silver Star

    Snow to Sun

    Sunset Ridge

    Timber Ridge

    Village Trails

    Water Oak

    Windham Hills

    Woodland Park Estates

    Woods Edge

    If you start receiving calls in from customers that are NOT on the bulk list, or the list above (large quantity of calls, not just 1 or 2) please let us know.

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    Default Re: Why this matters.

    Tomorrow we find out if the intel on the purchase of parts of Connexion by Hotwire was legitimate or not. Could be an interesting news day kids.

    Stay tuned as we track the Downfall of Clubber Lang and the Unempoyables.

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    Default Re: Why this matters.

    Just got a query from another (former) Connexion employee....

    Curious no one has asked about one specific site, Laguna Woods, and rumor is, it is not part of the hotwire deal, and will just be dropped
    like they are doing at other sites, not paying provider bills, and circuits are just being shut off for non pay, and customers down for
    weeks on weeks until the hotwire deal is done.

    Lot's of complaints bubbling up about different locations and some are hitting the news in their local communities. From what I've
    seen Connexion is not telling these people what's going on and they're not paying their own bills so service is being interrupted to
    customers that are paying their bills to Connexion.

    It'll take Hotwire a while to find who all Connexion has unpaid bills with then pay those parts for the pieces of Connexion they
    are actually buying. This is looking more and more like a damned mess people.

    What Hotwire is going to be buying, whether they know it or not, is a lot of unrecorded debt for non-paid operational expenses
    and some very, very angry customers.

    They better be prepared to comp these customers a few months bills to placate the anger over Connexion.

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    Default Re: Glen Lang Sucks

    Here is the layout: after buying Gulf Shores/Baldwin County for $27 million from Lester Boihem, Connexion is now stuck with this one very attractive asset. Most of their assets are toxic. This one has the potential to be VERY lucrative. the have just over 200 customers on their 23 miles of fiber and they're all "Beta", ie, non-paying. They're the resorts on the Gulf Coast. Connexion never even tried to sell service to the bars/restaurants/residential units and all the other buildings and potential customers along their fiber route.

    The first non-idiot to run this is gonna get rich. Will Glen Lang get more than $4 million for the property? Hotwire wants it as do a few others. Others like Lester, the one person on the planet who can anger Glen Lang to the point of a heart attack just by being in the same room. We need this guy to move here to Cary.

    It looks like Connexion hasn't terminated old web pages with DSSI, the firm Lester started.

    ...and speaking of old web pages that Connexion didn't terminate upon buying DSSI....
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    Default Re: Glen Lang Sucks

    So this is humorous....Harold Weinbrecht's lackeys are yammering that this whole episode is 'old news' and 'a lot of nothing' and none of it matters and I'm wasting my time exposing Lang because no one cares.

    Since I started writing this, almost 8,000 unique page views have hit this thread. Lots of folks in and around Cary are getting educated about the vicious buffoon we once had in city hall and that vicious buffoon's lackey, yes, that's right, the Glen and Harold show. On another thread I've started detailing the financial costs imposed upon Our Fair City by the political malfeasance, the arrogance of Glen and Harold.

    Back to Connexion, their competitors are reading this blog and LAUGHING at Glen Lang. When I get emails from these guys, well, read it yourself:

    ================================================== =======
    We are a Wifi vendor that supplies net access services to HOAs, MDUs, etc.

    I have read with great interest the hilarious posts regarding the demise
    of Connexion. It really is an amazing story.
    ================================================== =======

    There was more that I did not post for obvious reasons.

    Yes it is an amazing story, but it was also inevitable that it would
    end the way it is ending. Glen never had any intention of creating anything
    of value that would last. He intended to cobble something together
    and with enough smoke and mirrors sell off the pig to some dumb
    buyer and walk off rich.

    He failed, Jim Goodnight lost $400 million, several banks lost another $55 million,
    a lot of smart, good, hardworking people lost jobs, and many, many customers
    were defrauded.

    It is funny except for the harm/pain Glen Lang imposed upon his customers,
    vendors, contractors, and employees. I feel sorry for what that dishonest thug
    has done to you all, but seeing him publically exposed for what he is and what
    he has always been (a liar, a thief, a bully, and a jackass) is priceless.

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    Default Connexion Employees!

    Can anyone procure a list of Connexion customers with contact information for each?

    Many of these properties are about to be screwed by Glen Lang when their service is turned off.

    In an effort to help these people limit the damage they are suffering/will suffer at the hands of Clubber Lang let's get that list of properties and get it posted.

    Some of these folks may not want to have their contract sold to a firm that operates no differently than Connexion. I am hearing some very bad things about Hotwire.

    These people need options and their fate should not be determined by a lawyer in drag in bankruptcy court. The HOA or the MDU in Fort Lauderdale isn't bankrupt and the only thing they did wrong was they trusted Glen Lang.

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    Default Re: Glen Lang Sucks

    FYI people:

    24 people have "liked" this story on Facebook. I am one and so is the admin, Don 'the Hobbit" Hyatt. 22 others have hit it. Also, we're approaching 8,000 unique views of this thread, it is making the rounds.

    I am getting a flow of emails either at or on private messages here on Cary Politics. These come from past and present Connexion employees, customers, competitors, and a number of Cary residents. I've had people in Cary, upon meeting me since this began, comment on this thread. Connexion employees have commented to me that this thread and my name are circulated at Connexion HQ.

    To Harold's trolls, the story of Lang's corruption has legs and it draws a lot of interest.

    In related news:

    I hear tonight at Cary city hall Richard Ahmed will deliver the annual Marquis de Sade lecture and his topic will be on deflowering prepubescent little girls.

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    Default Re: Glen Lang Sucks

    Here's the explanation on the Ghost Accounts for the DirecTV set top boxes:

    ================================================== ================
    The way it went was that Glen would have Kaitlyn Ahmed pull together the sites and units to use.
    Yep, Glen and Ahmeds together on it, shocking. Kaitlyn would get purchasing to order and give the
    STB information to the team to create the accounts. The boxes would then be stored in the
    warehouse in Raleigh. The team creating the accounts would track them on the enclosed spreadsheet.
    Most months, the number of Ghost accounts exceeded the true activations.
    ================================================== ================

    Let me get this straight:

    1- Little Kaitlyn Ahmed, the one stalking my Linkedin profile, is Glen's coconspirator/accomplice in this task of defrauding DirecTV?

    2- Wow, the spreadsheet attached to this email is impressive! Kudos to the supplier!

    3- The number of fake activations exceeded the number of real activations for DTV set top boxes for the average month?

    What this tells us is the business model Connexion needed was wholly unsustainable without Jim Goodnight shoveling hundreds of millions of dollars at Glen Lang, no surprise. It also shows us how Lang did not do this alone, he had others who were just as dishonest as himself engaged in it. Whether he corrupted them or they were attracted to a higher form of evil than themselves, who knows. (I sense a disturbance in the Force.)

    I'll be passing this data on to DirecTV, that Attorney in Alabama, several reporters, and I may even give it to some Connexion competitors.

    Sorry Glen, you suck.

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    Default Re: Glen Lang Sucks

    Here, folks, is why DirecTV is not wanting to press this issue, they appear to have been complicit in it. It made their subscriber count go up even though they were fake accounts.
    Nice, I wonder if anyone invested in DirecTV cares about fraud?


    From: Eric Fichtner
    Sent: Friday, January 29, 2010 8:37 AM
    Subject: activation of 500 DirecTV accounts before end of month project


    Most of you are aware that we have agreed to assist DirecTV by lighting up 500 accounts before the end of the month (Sunday). Fortunately, we are paying for a number of bulk units for which there is no activated STB, and fortunately DirecTV is fine with us activating these accounts (individual units at each property) under one corporate account. Also, fortunately, we have 500 MFH3 SD STBs (the D11i), as we will have to match a specific box against a specific unit (although not supply an individual name or phone number).

    Here are the steps we need to take, and I hope this is sufficient information to all parties to know how to proceed:

    1) Activate one SD STB each to the number of units listed below for each to the following three properties:

    a. Panorama (300 units)

    b. Ashley Mill (100 units)

    c. Meadow Creek (100 units)

    Our records show that we are paying for that number or more of bulk units at each of these properties, and therefore should have open units in excess of the amount listed above. You will have to find those units in Enlighten, and ensure that we are tracking carefully which ones are activated.

    2) Obtain the STB information from Material Management (where the boxes are, etc.)

    3) Assign the relevant GM as the corporate contact for each of the three properties.

    4) Use the Cary office as the billing address (although there should be no amount due as we are only activating one SD box with no additional programming)

    5) Do not plan to ship the STBs once activated. We are not installing them, only activating them.

    6) Develop a plan (Material Mgmt) for how we will administer these 500 STBs which will sit in the warehouse until those units are activated with resident accounts

    7) Ensure that the data integrity around these unusual accounts is properly managed (Taylor) so that we don’t have any problem providing services to residents who occupy them once they are ready to purchase services.

    Lawrence is closing on his house today, so he has limited availability but will help where needed. If Agent Services at DTV is to assist, we have to get to them early today, as they don’t work over the weekend. Also, we are looking at potentially bad weather tomorrow, so it would be best if we could get the boxes activated today (the remainder of the tasks can occur next week).

    Lawrence or anyone, if you need to escalate within DTV because you’re being blocked, contact Tony Schaeffer directly at 310-343-0832. Let him know that you are working on the “500 account activation project” so that he is aware of why you need his expedited assistance.

    DTV is looking to become a large financial partner for us, and this project represents a huge favor we are providing to them. Thanks for understanding why it’s such a scramble at the last minute. We did ask them to please, in the future, try to give us a few more days notice for such favors.

    Call me if you have questions or concerns.

    I’m off next week except Friday; I will slate a quick call/meeting when I return with key folks to ensure that we haven’t created a tangled mess for ourselves in providing this favor to DTV.



    From: Glen D. Lang
    Sent: Thursday, January 28, 2010 4:21 PM
    To: Eric Fichtner
    Subject: Reply to questions from PIFF CNXN 1-27-10.xlsx

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