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Thread: Connexion, Capitol Broadband, and why Glen Lang Sucks

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    Default Re: Glen Lang Sucks

    It is sad, I got a set of emails from a Connexion customer who was just now finding out what had happened and is stunned at the fact that they were not told that they could object to the transfer of their contract. That HOA appears to not want to be stuck with a second Connexion Technologies. This really is bad, the developers got wined, dined, while Connexion pimped strippers and hookers for them and it's the HOA's that the end customers go yelling at for the bad service, high prices, and lack of choices.

    It really is awful because the developers that put these HOA's in this predicament will never be held accountable. Glen Lang and the upper mgmt at Connexion Technologies will never be held accountable. This should be a lesson to everyone. Research this subject BEFORE you buy into a property with an HOA or before you rent a property with this type of exclusivity deal going on. If all these people had had a choice themselves they probably would never have tolerated what they were subjected too.

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    Default Re: Glen Lang Sucks

    For any Connexion victims on their reject list, properties Connexion dropped service for here is the answer to your situation:

    You are being billed by Connexion even though Connexion knows you are no longer their customer. Dish has not yet updated their database. You are getting billed by a firm that doesn't want to talk to you and will not work trouble tickets or deal with service delivery problems.

    Nice. This is from an internal email:



    I have had several questions on this recently, so figured I would try
    to write this up and explain it to everyone, in case you run across

    So, for properties we have rejected, we no longer offer any services
    on that property. Voice, video, or data.

    For those properties that were rejected, where we had Dish Networks
    customers….SINCE Dish has not updated their system yet, they are still
    sending those customers to us, because they show Beyond as the service
    provider for the property. I think most of us know that.

    One other “side effect” of their system not being updated yet is
    related to billing. Dish is still billing us (I think….) for the
    video content on the property. Therefore, we are still billing the
    customer. EVEN THOUGH it is a rejected property.

    I am working to see how long it will be until Dish is
    officially/properly notified that we no longer serve these various
    properties, so they can update their systems, and this will resolve
    itself. I don’t yet have an answer. I am not sure when I will have
    an answer.

    In the meantime, do what you can to help the customer, but be VERY
    mindful of the amount of time you are spending on it.

    We cannot do new installs. We cannot troubleshoot. We can’t add
    services. Since we are billing them, I definitely believe we need to
    continue supporting billing questions and inquiries until we can get
    these customers properly converted over to dish.

    If you have any questions please let me know.


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    Default Re: Glen Lang Sucks


    To date, this thread has been viewed over 16,000 times.

    This is an indication of what a compelling story, an audience (you), an obvious good guy (me), and a verifiable evil PoS (Glen Lang) can produce when they intersect.

    To put this in perspective: there aren't 16,000 who actually bother to read the print version of the local newspaper (the News and Observer) here in Raleigh.

    Cary Politics was moribund, (even having been offline for 6 months or so) until I returned after an extended absence and used this platform to expose this issue.

    What does this mean?

    1- The first and most obvious answer: Lang is a degenerate criminal, of course.

    2- A compelling story based upon facts where the persons involved/impacted are allowed & encouraged to participate as far as they feel comfortable will draw more participants and readers. Newspapers fail as they are nothing but a politically radical class, journalists, engaged in agit/prop masquerading as "news". This medium is, effectively, an end run around the traditional forms of media censorship. The legacy print media ignores stories they don't understand or stories that run counter to their political beliefs. This bleeds into #3......

    3- The alleged main stream media is loathe to deal with stories they cannot understand. The manipulation of DirecTV stock by fraudulent inflation of the number of alleged customers is a story that is simply too complex for most business page writers to deal with, they cannot understand it.

    4- I think most interesting of all is how many Connexion employees (past and current) have reached out to me via email and phone to reveal most of the significant data shown in this thread. There is a fairly extensive lack of trust of traditional reporters and their medium. Basically, these Connexion employees understand points 1, 2, and 3 above. Ergo, they won't contact or communicate with a legacy media reporter.

    The followup story to this one is the coup d' etat of municipal government in Cary by Jim Goodnight. The richest man in the state owns Cary city government. He purchased three Mayors, numerous city council members, a city manager, and many others. Lang was just one of Jim Goodnight's assets, one of his puppets. There are more and these puppets have derailed road construction projects on behalf of Goodnight, they've caused the city to spend tens of millions on "art" projects for the benefit of the Whine and Cheese Crowd, and they have destroyed the transparency, legitimacy, and integrity of municipal government in Cary.

    By the way, a cup of coffee, on me at Starbucks to whoever shoots me an email first identifying Connexion Technologies resident drug dealer. (I already know the answer and soon the CPD will as well.)
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    Default Re: Glen Lang Sucks

    Here is what you do when you cost people millions, cost hundreds their jobs:
    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    Current and former Connexion employees will be getting together at Wild Wings Café on Friday starting at 1pm and ending when the last person leaves. I know some folks have to work until 5pm but I promise the party will still be going on late into the evening so please come over when you are finished with work tomorrow. There will be a lot of war stories told I am sure and you will get a chance to see a lot of your current and former colleagues.

    Hope to see you there.


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    Default Re: Connexion, Capitol Broadband, and why Glen Lang Sucks

    What a JOKE! I don't know why I'm even remotely surprised.

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    Default Re: Connexion, Capitol Broadband, and why Glen Lang Sucks

    Well here is Hotwire's notice to their new customers/victims.:

    Oh, sorry all, I have been off line for two weeks, I am in the midst of pre-deployment training and will soon engage in movement to the middle east.

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    Default Re: Connexion, Capitol Broadband, and why Glen Lang Sucks

    This went out Friday June 22, 2012


    I am happy to report that all paperwork related to the Hotwire sale was signed up last night and the deal will close upon the wiring of funds first thing this morning. At that point, those of you who received offers from Hotwire will become their employees. We anticipate that the Mediacom and Laguna transactions will also close later today and we will let you know when that happens. Good luck to all of you!

    Jim Edens
    Vice President of H R and Administration
    Connexion Technologies
    111 Corning Road, Suite 250
    Cary, NC 27518

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    Default Re: Connexion, Capitol Broadband, and why Glen Lang Sucks

    If anyone can help these victims/customers of Glen Lang's fraud, post it here and the person who emailed me can read it or I can send that person an email to let them know of your response.

    Dear John,

    My name is Laura and I have been reading your findings on the large scale fraud by Glen Lang. By the way thank you, I had no idea how large the fraud was. I am trapped in the Primecast/Directv tv service end of it all. Im not worried too much as Directv severed ties with Primecast and my payments always go directly to Directv, except for the original set up costs of my sat tv service. Not to say that Directv is not at fault for anything either, buts thats a whole other story. Bottom line is Primecast filled chapter something as you know, but they are still billing and collecting money from customers using some very aggressive collection people, who threaten & I quote..."I will ruin your credit report". Problem is you can no longer get ahold of anyone at Primecast by phone or email. Everything goes unanswered. So finally to my there anyone out there working on a class action lawsuit against Primecast that you know or heard about? Any information you could provide would be greatly appreciated.



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    Default Re: Connexion, Capitol Broadband, and why Glen Lang Sucks

    An email from a former Connexion employee.....funny how Glen made sure he took care of his inner circle but treated his other employees like such complete garbage.

    His actions are a complete contradiction to his extreme leftwing politics. There are words for that, but hypocrit and liar will suffice in place of the Army language I could use to describe Lang, the ultimate Blue Falcon.



    "Word has it that the bankrupcy ruling allowed for all the remaining Connexion employees who have been laid off as of june 22 to get a bonus check equal to 5% of their annual income. While this is a good deal for them, it leaves jack **** for the rest of us who got thrown away in January, March, and April and didn't even get a severance because "they couldn't afford it". "

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    Default Re: Connexion, Capitol Broadband, and why Glen Lang Sucks

    I am writing to follow-up on the recent announcement of the sale of certain company assets. As you know, on
    Thursday, June 14, 2012, the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware approved the sale of certain
    company assets to a number of purchasers, including Hotwire Communications, Ltd. It is our understanding that the purchaser
    is in the process of offering continued employment to at least 40 of the Company’s 89 current employees at the Cary, North
    Carolina location. We have requested, but have not received, notice from the purchaser as to the identity of those employees
    who have or will receive offers of continued employment.

    The purpose of this letter is to provide you notice that Capital Broadband Management Corporation, Inc. (“the
    Company”) will be ceasing operations permanently and provide you with information about how this will affect your
    employment with the Company. At the time of closing of this sale which currently is anticipated to be Thursday, June 21,
    2012, all employment with the Company will cease with the exception of approximately 12 current employees whose
    employment will continue for an additional 6 weeks or so for the purpose of assisting with bankruptcy-related matters and will
    terminate during the period of August 1 through August 14.

    Your termination date will be Friday, June 22, 2012 or such other date of the actual closing to be no later than July 2,
    2012; you will be paid through your termination date and your incentive bonus is included in your June 22nd paycheck. You
    can access your pay and tax information by visiting You will continue to use the same username and
    password, please make sure you have them documented in a safe location. You will have access to this information for up to
    three years after your termination date. You will not have the right to bump (displace) another employee from his or her
    position. Inasmuch as third party decisions affecting our operations were communicated to us on Thursday, June 14, 2012, we
    are giving you this notice as soon as practicable.

    In the event that you do not receive and accept an offer of continued employment with the purchaser, you are
    encouraged to file for benefits in person or electronically with your state unemployment office.

    If you are a participant in our 401k Plan, in about 10 to 14 days you will be able to contact Fidelity to move your
    funds to a qualified plan or withdrawal them directly. Remember if you are less than 59 ˝ years old, and you do not roll your
    funds into another plan, you will be subject to pay State and Federal income tax. You will also be required to pay a 10%
    income tax penalty.

    We are unable to allow you to keep your laptop computer, this along with other company assets and business records
    should be left at your current work station. As is usual in bankruptcy cases, we are under an obligation not to destroy business
    records, so please do not destroy any business records in either paper or electronic form.

    I want to thank you for your work for the company, and I regret the necessity of these actions and any difficulties they
    may cause for you or your family. If you would like further information, please contact Jim Edens at (919) 535-7253.

    Jim Edens, VP – Human Resources

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