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Thread: Overseas ballots

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    Default Overseas ballots

    So we're in that time of year when Joe's overseas have to request their absentee ballots.

    Remember, the military votes overwhelmingly Republican. This is going to be a tight election in NC as the Moron Demographic is significant. They'll be lining up in droves to vote for the guy that turned a recession into a depression and is set to double down on failure.

    Well, the Donkeys know that if they get rid of military ballots they might be able to flip a few races here and there.

    So far none of us have received our NC absentee ballots and I've heard a Voting Officer in another NC unit complaining about the process of getting ballots from the state. My Federal ballot request post card went out several weeks ago.

    This might be a replay of Florida 2000, instead of waiting for (Algor's) attorneys to get their hands on the ballots and mar them the Donkeys may just make sure there is no ballot to have to destroy.

    We'll see.
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