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Thread: Back and Reloaded.

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    Default Back and Reloaded.

    So, yes, johnb is back from his taxpayer funded vacation to the middle east.

    I've smoked quite a few cigars (yes that includes real Cubans) in bomb shelters, on T-wall barriers, and staring out over the berm on the perimeter of the base at the desert. The place was awful and it was 147 degrees there kids. On the plus side, the sand was NOT exploding, that's always good in that part of the world.

    What did it look like? On, plug in "dead camel Kuwait". Yeah, it looked like that. Oh, and it looked like this:


    Now it is time to get back to work attempting to resurrect CaryPolitics and repair the damage inflicted upon it by He Who Should Have Known Better.

    The last thing Cary needs is to have city politics manipulated and corrupted by fanatics hiding behind an organization that selects and screens candidates for public office with no public input. Yes that does mean Davis and High House . org.
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